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An experienced professional, Janisha has spent over 17 years in the mental health field. She currently owns a private practice. She specializes in assisting those who suffer from lack of self-esteem, co-dependency, anxiety, depression, and all-around fear of success. Her main goal is to break generational patterns by igniting resiliency. Janisha’s positivity is infectious, she is here to raise awareness while raising your spirits


I use a variety of tools and techniques to help my clients rewrite the narratives that are holding them back in their lives. Helping my clients tap into their creativity and self-expression is often an important part of our work together. I specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, and eclectic approaches. In addition, you can expect to engage in a process of self-discovery that opens the door to understanding old habits in thinking, feeling, and behaving; and learning to cope with life challenges to transform into a more resilient self.

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Janisha discovered her passion for facilitating StudyRite when she found herself not benefiting from reading books and studying alone. Nish strongly believes in preparing future therapists without “breaking the bank”. Nish with her innovative style, igniting perseverance, humor, and using life experiences created StudyRite and has a 95% passing rate.

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